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Amphibians - Toads

ToadThis toad was photographed soon after we discovered their summer night habits. Toads seem to spend most of their time in damp places on land - often under leaf litter, flowerpots, etc.

ToadWhen Toads are alarmed they sometimes inflate themselves as this one is doing to discourage predators.

This one obviously took exception to having a camera stuck in his face.

First seen in late 26 March 2000, a pair of toads mating and in the process of producing a 'necklace' of spawn.

This image is about 30cm (1 foot) across, with the necklace and participants about 8cm (3 inches) under the surface.

To tell Frog and Toad tadpoles apart, look for external gills (feathery outgrowths behind the eyes) which are present only in Toads.