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Bat Images


Drawing of Natterer's BatThis image is of a Brown Long-eared Bat flying with a few others around the front of the house in August 2005 (see another image from the same session in Bat Sounds).


Bat IndoorsOn 25 Feb 2001 about 07:00 this little chap was suddenly buzzing round the study while I was at my computer. He parked himself on the floor under the curtains by the patio door, so I took his photo before picking him up and putting him in a safe place in a shed with lots of exits. He was gone an hour later.

At the moment we can't imagine how he got in!

He/she has the face at the top right corner, and is 62mm (2.5 Inches) long.
An expert at Swansea University tells us
The mystery bat is a Pipistrelle. Can't tell whether it is common or soprano but common most likely looking at the face.