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These links are for more general sites ....

The Woodland Trust is the UK premier organisation for preservation and planting of new woodlands.

UK Phenology Network is studying the relationships between climate and periodic biological phenomena (e.g. bird movements or tree flowering). This site is an offshoot of the Woodland Trust where you can record the dates of a wide range of events each year and view the trends. Fascinating stuff in these unstable times

British Trees provides lots of detail on all 33 species of Native Trees of the British Isles.

Peter J. Hosey. Wildflower Photography has many lovely plant and fungi images to enjoy, help with identification or to buy prints of.

AnimalTrek is a wide ranging worldwide wildlife site featuring information and images for all the major animal families.

Nurturing Nature is run by George Pilkington - a conservation expert and inventor of nest boxes and environmental
habitats that you can buy direct from his site.

Alvecote Wood is an 11 acre woodland taken over in 2007 to be refurbished for wildlife and education.

Wildlife in and Around Leighton Buzzard & Linslade is an assortment of images of wildlife in this Bedfordshire area, including walk maps and some screen 'wallpaper' images.

The Digswell Lake Society manages a 200 year old spring and woodland wildlife preserve in Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire) where we used to live.

The CountryLovers' Pages provides a wide range of Nature based links.

Natural History Museum provides interesting background on the museum, but don't expect it to replace a visit.
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Luxury Apartments in Spain lettings are the new occupation for our farming neighbours from 1990 to 2006. Fed up with running a dairy farm in the escalating bureaucracy they have sold their successful business and moved to Spain. If you fancy a holiday in Spain have a look. We put the site together for them.

VUTRAX Home Page for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) system Roy designed and wrote in the early 80's (for Z80's and CP/M - does anybody else remember them?), which he is still actively maintaining (now PC's, Windows & Linux). The product itself and it's Technical Support will only be interesting if you understand electronic schematics and printed circuit boards, but the more general links pages includes various computer and other technical references.