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Log for 1999


1 Feb 1999:
First Moorhen nest building - the earliest ever.
24 Feb 1999:
Moorhen eggs being incubated. During incubation major battles took place with another pair of birds. The incumbents kept their territory but the male looks like a boxer who lost.
13 Apr 1999:
First Moorhen hatched - soon to be 7
17 Apr 1999:
Another first - two more moorhens are nesting on 'Round Pond' (see Birds eye view) with 2 eggs so far. We have regular skirmishes between the ponds but the territories seem established.
25 Apr 1999:
8 eggs being incubated on 'Round pond'. First cuckoo yesterday.
12 May 1999:
At least 3 hatchings on 'Round pond'. Without the 'hide' that is our house they all flee and its hard to count! First brood on main pond now down to 2 after suspected fox attack (at 03:28 one morning last week).
15 June 1999:
First of what became 6 youngsters hatched on the main pond.
11 Aug 1999:
4 new hatching on the main pond (unusually from a nest on the island rather than the reed bed) being fed by the 2 adults and an assortment of juveniles. They seemed to totally ignore the 95% eclipse!

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