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Log for 2002


3 Feb 2002:
The Moorhen were only occasionally seen since Christmas. Today a bird has spent all yesterday and last night on the main pond. The season is underway!
20 Feb 2002:
A pair of moorhens have been about for a few days. Today we saw them attempting to mate - not at all successfully, but it takes several weeks of practice :-)
3 Mar 2002:
A page of Cuckoo images and call added.
09 Mar 2002:
2 Female pheasants together by Dragon pond. 3 different male pheasants have been turning up daily for picking under bird tables and grain at pond edges.
11 Mar 2002:
3 clumps of fresh Frogspawn at NW edge of Round Pond. Over a few days became about 10 clumps, with a couple in The Duck Shape Pond.
14 Mar 2002:
Heron spent all day alternating between Dragon & Round ponds hunting frogs.
Four Moorhens fighting on Dragon pond 2Hours after sunset.

21 Mar 2002 17:15:
Skylark heard in SW corner of field. First for some years. Two days later at 10:15 Skylark seen & Heard over Track then South of field
28 Mar 2002 21:35:
Little owl on Elm Stump
9 Apr 2002:
Two Wrens in vicious fight on the patio.
21 Apr 2002:
Two Moorhen chicks a day or so old seen on water at Round pond (not the one by the house). One or more eggs still on the nest in island edge ornamental grass. (Messed up on getting an image). Next morning the last egg had gone and at least some chicks are still about.
22Apr 2002:
5 moorhen chicks on the pond by the Kitchen Window being fed by both parents in the North bank Lilies growth.
6 May 2002:
1 moorhen chick left (down to 3 then 1 in first few days) starting to feed itself. Parents seen mating at 05:20.
12 May 2002:
The Moorhen chick now seems independent, spending little time with the parents and feeding itself. Assorted Moorhen platforms / half built nests on both large ponds means the real one is probably well hidden!
Starlings feed young in their nest(s) on top of the eternally unused house-martin nest 'boxes'.
Probably 3 mallard ducks and rather more Drakes constantly visiting. We know they nest in grass tussocks but can't find them without risk of treading on them (so we don't look).
Lots of Wren nesting activity but we only find the nests in winter.
Fantastic year for blossom - even an old Pear tree that has not flowered in the 12 years we have been here erupted. The Blackthorn has finished but was glorious - Hawthorn is currently the chief mass of white. First Horse Chestnut candles for years have appeared on the 3 most mature trees.
Rabbits section corrected and extended at Herbivores.
Peacock, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tip and some sort of blue butterflies seen on warm days. A new link to a butterfly web site added to the Links page.
4 June 2002:
Mallard Nest with 10 eggs under buttercups on W side of round island. Single Moorhen chick growing well
6 June 2002:
Mallard Nest with 1 egg very exposed on Dragon pond island (since 4th). Eggs taken every day by Jackdaws and after a few days abandoned.
9 June 2002:
Mallard duck & 10 ducklings on Dragon pond @ 17:00
10 June 2002:
2 few days old moorhen chicks seen swimming/running for cover at Round Pond island (3 seen next day, 4 seen 12th)
12 June 2002:
2 Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers seen on nut feeder on post. No idea where they nested.
14 June 2002:
8 Moorhen chicks on Dragon Pond. 3 being fed by an adult + Juvenile.
25 June 2002:
6 Moorhen Chicks left - one with an injured leg 'disappeared' along with another.
29 June 2002:
At least 4 Moorhen chicks (probably more) spread over 3 ponds & feeding themselves.
About a dozen Swallows regularly perch on overhead wires and swooping low over the grass to catch insects. Includes juveniles which are now feeding themselves.
4 July 2002:
Juvenile Goldfinch seen (first Goldfinch not on Teazel heads in Winter)
9 Jul 2002:
6 Moorhen young on Dragon pond 19:30 with an adult
24 Jul 2002:
4 Moorhen Eggs on a new nest at Round pond in a reed tuft but only 2m from W edge. Well hidden on account of the birds having bent the leaves across to form a 'roof'.
3 Aug 2002:
Moorhen now sitting on at least 5 eggs at Round pond. Ponds are full again on account of heavy rain.
5 Aug 2002:
Moorhen chicks on the Round pond nest.
6 Aug 2002:
Juvenile moorhen caught in frayed pond matting at Round pond. Foot already broken. Freed but escaped. Seen next day feeding.
11 Aug 2002:
5 Moorhen chicks & both parents on Main pond late afternoon.
20 Aug 2002:
Long tailed Tit youngster being fed by adult on willow branch.
Moorhen Chicks growing well.
The injured Juvenile still otherwise healthy.
Mallard ducks in eclipse still visiting. First time they did not 'disappear' at the molt for a few months.
1 Sep 2002:
About 20 Swallows visiting - mixed adults & juveniles, a few still being fed.
2 Sep 2002:
Dead young moorhen found on path North of the main pond.
20 Sep 2002:
Two adults and two new juveniles on main pond - seems they raised 2 of the final brood.
23 Sep 2002:
Woken at 01:05 by 4.7 Richter Earthquake further north. Shaken in bed at about 2Hz for a few seconds. Unnerving first experience but no material damage.
20 Oct 2002:
Autumn has finally arrived with leaves starting to drop.
Moorhens have finally given up building platforms - two adults and a juvenile are resident on the main pond.
Wagtails had a good year and are all over the roofs, as did Blue and Great Tits - dozens at once on the feeders.
Saw male pheasant facing off with local cat. Fortunately cats can't fly.
Red Admiral butterfly seen feeding of Michaelmas Daisies yesterday.
16 Dec 2002:
A Jay Pair seen in the silver birch copse turning over the leaf litter. First time we have seen more than a fleeting glimpse of a Jay.
25 Dec 2002:
6 juvenile grey partridges seen in the field adjoining to the East.

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