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Log for 2006


A few changes to the format for this year:-
The section Image of the Day is just that, and contains a daily updated (web connection permitting) image normally taken in the previous few days, plus some explanatory text.
Hence this section is now primarily maintained for non-visual items with references to the daily image.
The images are linked directly as 'pop-up images' - they should appear in a separate windows when you click them without losing your place on this page. Alternatively you can visit Image of the Day Archive and text search it for title words of interest.


21 Jan 2006
2 Mallard ducks on main pond - 1st of the season.

23 Jan 2006
Screeching sound & then flutter of wings on CCTV sound long after dark. Most likely an owl hunting.

28 Jan 2006
Sparrowhawk spent 5 minutes moving about the pots outside study. It became a common visitor in March - see Popup Image and Popup Image.

07 Feb 2006
Extended 3 way moorhen fight on main pond - first of the season.

26 Mar 2006
About 30 clumps of frogspawn at East edge of the Round pond. A few frogs seen, all much darker colouration than our sightings from the past, Maybe significant in avoiding UV damage?  See Popup Image .

14 Apr 2006
Spring has 'sprung' with a load of 2006 firsts:-

19 Apr 2006
First skylark over E fields for many years no longer trampled by cattle)

04 Jun 2006 21:30
Tawny owl on Gallows with Female muntjac deer walking underneath

06 Jun 2006 p.m.
2 carrion crow chicks seen on branches of S centre Llelandii

16 Jun 2006
4 Baby moorhen being fed on the main pond by both parents

21 Jun 2006
7 Baby moorhen being fed on the main pond by both parents.

28 Jun 2006
Pair of Muntjac in SE area and then Fawn spotted which ran into Bluebell dell

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