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Log for 2007


The section Image of the Day is just that, and contains a daily updated (web connection etc. permitting) image normally taken in the previous few days, plus some explanatory text.
Hence this section is now primarily maintained for non-visual items with references to the daily images.
The images are linked directly as 'pop-up images' - they should appear in a separate window when you click them without losing your place on this page. Alternatively you can visit Image of the Day Archive and text search it for title words of interest.


21 Feb 2007
We have always considered mice as pre-packed snacks for Raptors, but were amazed to see this proved by an automated photo of a Kestrel with a fieldmouse in it's claw.. See Kestrel with Fieldmouse

3 Mar 2007
Suddenly the cherry trees have started blossoming and there are even a few bees about to take advantage. See Cherry Blossom with Bee
Violets are flowering and few ladybirds have been spotted. Ladybird on Violet
Robins, Yellowhammers, Collared Doves, Long Tail tits, Carrion Crows, Jackdaws and Blackbirds have all been seen courting and/or nesting. Bluetits and Great Tits are exploring the boxes. A Pair of Great spotted Woodpeckers have been seen and they regularly come for peanuts separately.
A Male and female Muntjac deer have been spotted in the dusk so we hope for the patter of tiny hooves again this year.

4 Mar 2007
Still waiting to see any frogs, but about 20 clumps of spawn have appeared in sheltered edge of the 'round' pond.

6 Mar 2007
6 Mar 2007 Duck nest on Duck pond island first spotted a couple of days ago (complete with duck) island now deserted and broken eggs seen.

20 Mar 2007
Woodpecker momentarily hammering on nestbox for first time in months. Heard subsequently (about 07:30 BST). Picture and recording can be found from the top page.

26 Mar 2007
Skylark heard (not but seen in mist) over fields to East.

28 Mar 2007
Moorhen chicks! 6 with one parent and 1 with the other seen on the main pond. They must have hatched about 25 Mar 2007 on the round pond. This is about 3 weeks earlier than our previously recorded hatching of chicks on 13 Apr 1999.

6 Apr 2007
We haven't seen a single moorhen chick for a few days. No idea what happened - the parents seemed to be finding food OK then suddenly only 4, and now none. The pair were seen in preliminary mating chases last night so they will be trying again.

13 Apr 2007
A long unused Bat box has been 'modified' by something and now appears to be attractive to Bluetits - the widened slot is a nice tight squeeze for a bluetit. We were lucky to see nesting material being taken in & will be watching events.
See a photo at Unusual Nests.
Brimstone butterfly seen in flight.
Kestrel seen hunting in dusk from treetops in still air with short hovers
Blue butterfly seen on holly tree (very appropriate!)
Orange tip butterfly (male) seen in its erratic flight.

18 Apr 2007
2 swallows seen over the meadow (two identifications).

2 May 2007
Wild Rose flowers open (West side of East Hedge in a particular suntrap)

11 May 2007
8 or 9 baby moorhen on the main pond with both parents. A couple noticeably more grown than the rest.

12 May 2007
An amazing battle between a Magpie and a parent Moorhen with the moorhen leaping between the branches after the Magpie with an agility we have never seen before. (No time to grab the camera.)

13 May 2007
Muntjac Fawn seen curled up at tree base in infrared photo.

14 May 2007
4 or more moorhen chicks being fed by both parents on the main pond and the magpie not seen menacing them. There may be more but they are staying among the iris fronds.

15 May 2007
Swift positively identified including call (more seen and photographed on subsequent days).

21 May 2007
3 moorhen chicks have now been around for several days being mostly fed on the main pond. The parents have build brood platforms in the Irises and the willow on the island.

28 May 2007
3 moorhen chicks still thriving & starting to pick at pond weed themselves.

5 Jun 2007
Still 3 moorhen chicks in good health.
Young GS woodpecker for a few days joined by a 2nd both being fed by adult male.

6 Jun 2007
Moorhen parents mating & building a new nest or platform.
At least 2 long-tailed tit fledglings being fed on wires.

8 Jun 2007
Three moorhen chicks mostly feeding themselves. Parents have built a second nest/platform a few metres from the first but better hidden.
Added a 16Yr sequence to the Origins & the 'Through the Seasons' Animations section. If you have broadband click the thumbnail.

21 June 2007
3 juvenile moorhen still together on Main Pond.

23 June 2007
3 juvenile moorhen still together.
First dragonfly seen - unidentified blue hawker over E field.

27 June 2007
Juvenile Green woodpecker on gravel by study doors - a first for the site. Don't know whether they are breeding on-site.

4 July 2007 12:30
7 baby moorhen + both parents + 2 of the juveniles on main pond as one group. Juveniles helping feeding but offering unsuitable items the chicks refused (much better next day). Parents frantically refurbishing the old brood platforms.

20 July 2007
Followed squirrel and found a drey in top of sycamore tree.

22 July 2007
Still all 7 moorhen chicks remain, mostly feeding themselves. The juvenile helpers have been absent for a day or two. The parents look like they are getting ready to try for another brood.
Hope you like the new animated image at the top of the home page.

31 July 2007
About 15 mixed young & adult swallows spent day on wires & house ridge feeding, being fed on perch and occasionally mid-air.
Moorhen family dispersing with no sight of juveniles for some days.
Newt found underground while digging potatoes.

1 Aug 2007
38 mixed young & adult swallows on wires

24 Aug 2007 13:30
Moorhen nest empty (no shell or remains) with both adults & 5 juveniles (back for the last few days) agitatedly calling & swimming about near it. Magpies loitering in tree above & Brown predator (weasel?) spotted momentarily. By 19:30: parents already back to courtship chasing.

27 Aug 2007
Another new family of Swallows on the wires today.

28 Aug 2007
A few bats seen at dusk round the house - the first we have spotted this year. Species unknown.

24 Sep 2007
A few Swallows spotted
Moorhen seem to have given up on ideas of breeding again this year.
Stoat seen tearing about on the grass by the main pond.
Many beech trees turning gold

25 Sep 2007
Female pheasant seen at camera site 'fb1'

26 Sep 2007 08:30
First appearance of Mallards since Spring - Duck and Drake on main pond

21 Oct 2007
07:35 Pair of Muntjac deer seen by main pond (female seen since in IR camera)
08:00 Fieldfares seen bathing (with all the apples and windfall already gone they soon departed)

26 Oct 2007
19:56 Bat(s) flying in loft space seen on Infra-red Camera.

3 Nov 2007
First Harlequin Ladybirds discovered - presumably the beginning of the invasion here.
1 Male and 2 female (Brown & 'Blondie') pheasants seen looking for morsels on the shingle at front of house.
3 Ring Ouzels photographed as they flashed by (identified later) - first time recorded here

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