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Log for 2008


The section Image of the Day is just that, and contains a daily updated (web connection etc. permitting) image normally taken in the previous few days, plus some explanatory text. Each image then moved into the archive.
Hence this section is now primarily maintained for non-visual items with references to the daily images.

2008 was our busiest year yet for new or 'returned' species and we didn't maintain this log at all.

As a retrospective summary these are the species of note:-

09 Apr 2008 Buzzard
Having barely seen one before, these have become a common sight
07 Jun 2008 Skylark
The adjacent meadows were left uncut and ungrazed through the summer, and 2 skylarks sang overhead for hours.
13 Jun 2008 Cuckoo in Flight
14 Jul 2008 Little Owl
Not seen for years, spent several weeks visiting a spoil heap in adjacent field
23 Jul 2008 Banded Demoiselle
22 Aug 2008 Merlin female in flight
25 Aug 2008 Hobby in flight
21 Oct 2008 Osprey carrying fish in talons
2 flybys a week apart.
09 Nov 2008 Short-eared Owl in flight
09 Nov 2008 Red Kite in flight
26 Nov 2008 Tawny owl on Raptor perch

Images for all of these can be found in the Image of the Day Archive and text search it for title words of interest.
Meanwhile here is a compendium as used as Image of the day for Christmas day 2008

Osprey Skylark Red Kite
  Tawny Owls  
Short-eared Owl Little Owl Sparrowhawk

Image for 25 dec 2008

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