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Through the Seasons

For a few years we have been experimenting with taking photos of plants and landscapes using the same position and composition each time, and turning these into animated sequences that follow things through a whole year, season, life, or whatever is appropriate.

At last we think what we have is worth publishing. Selecting from the images (sometimes hundreds), providing registration markers and exposure/colour corrections is time consuming, so the result will appear as and when time permits.

To view the animation you need Javascript to be enabled in your browser (most people have this on automatically). There is an alternative display of the images in a column if you have trouble or want access images individually.

Click on the animated icons below (which show just a few images from each sequence in small size and limited palette) to see the whole sequence.

The images for a single sequence typically occupy around 0.5 to 4MB (aproximate size is shown). On Broadband all of the loads should only take few seconds. On Dial-up the load will take a few minutes per Megabyte so you might prefer to click the individual Images link as soon as it appears so you can start looking at them straight away - you can go back to the animation once the browser has them cached.


North West Landscape

Teasel Head


Wild Rose

The Field over 16Yrs

Blackberry Twig


So far those above are all that have been processed, but we have or are generating the images for another 50 or so. If you have a particular interest in something list below email us about it. We often have a number (sometimes altogether too many!) alternate sequences of each to choose from, and we can send you samples to help us 'prioritise' them:-  

Ash Branch
Beech Branch
Black Poplar
Blackthorn Branch
Blackthorn-Hawthorn and other hedge flowering sequences
Cherry Twig
Cox Apple Blossom
Hawthorn Branch
Holly Flower
Korean Pine
Magnolia Flower
Natural Horse Chestnut Bud
Oxeye Daisy
Ponds and other landscapes (some over several years)
Red Crab Apple
Red Horse Chestnut
Spindle Branch
Sweet Chestnut
Sycamore Branch
Viburnum Burkwoodii
Willow Branch